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  • LIFETREE DIABESITY CARE (90 VEG CAPSULES) & VIJAYSAR WOODEN GLASS/TUMBLER | Manage Diabetes & Obesity both | 13 Herbs Supplement with Vijaysar Karela Jamun Neem, Bael and More

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    • 13 HERBS AYURVEDIC FORMULA TO MANAGE Diabesity AND OBESITY : LIFETREE Diabesity Care capsules is formulated using 13 herbs that act synergistically to help manage Diabesity and also to reduce weight.
    • VIJAYSAR, SAPTHARANGA & NEEM HELP MANAGE BLOOD GLUCOSE: These natural extracts in LIFETREE Diabesity Care capsules helps regulate blood glucose levels in your body which will fight against your rising sugar levels.
    • BAEL, DARUHARIDRA, BABOOL & NEEM: These natural extracts are fiber-rich herbs that confers a plethora of health benefits including relieving constipation and healing liver disorders.
    • KARELA, JAMUN & NEEM HELP MANAGE EXCESS SUGAR: A Unique Combination for Diabesity which will help in controlling excess sugar in the body
    • VIJAYSAR, GUDMAR & METHI HELP MANAGES DIABESITY : These natural extracts controls the delay of absorption & utilization of Glucose in the body AND Hence helps control Diabesity.
    • Highly effective antidiabetic agent. It lowers blood sugar levels by protecting and regenerating insulin-producing cells, it can reverse beta cell (insulin-producing cells) damage and restore normal insulin levels.
    • Vijaysar Wooden Glass / Tumbler : Managing Blood Sugar Levels by Preventing the Damage of Pancreatic Cells, Reduces Excess Fat ,Purify the Blood ,Controls BP, Promotes Digestion, Treat Bleeding Disorder, Joint Pain and Various Skin Inflammatory Conditions.
    • Direction to Use Vijaysar Glass/Tumbler : 1)Wash the Tumbler/Glass Thoroughly in Running Tap Water (Do not use any kind of Detergents) 2)Put Water in the Vijaysar Tumbler/Glass and allow the Water to stay Overnight or for a period of 8-10 Hours. 3)After the Given Time, When the Colour of the Water Turns Brownish, Transfer the Treated Water in Glass 4)Consume the Treated Water of Tumbler/Glass on Empty Stomach in the Morning

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