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  • Lifetree Vitamin D3+k2-7 Supplement | 60 Capsule | Bone Strength | Healthy Heart | Ayurvedic Medicine

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    One capsule twice a day or as suggested by doctor
    • One capsule of Lifetree D3+K2-7
    • With a glass of lukewarm water
    • 30 minutes after food

    Store it right 

    Store safely in a dry place at room temperature

    Supports a healthy heart

    Heart functioning gets impacted due to vitamin D3 deficiency. As per several reports and studies, low levels of vitamin D3 in blood increase the chances of having cardiovascular problems. Lifetree D3-K2-7 supplements help to prevent heart-related problems by helping in calcium absorption and decreasing calcification of arteries.

    Bone strengthening

    Lifetree Vitamin D3-K2-7 capsules help in proper muscle functioning. It helps in better calcium absorption and directs the calcium to the right places in the body. Thus, helping in reducing bone loss and providing strength to the bones.

    Improves Immune System

    Lifetree D3-K2-7 supplements help to control free radicals and strengthens body's defense mechanism against infection. Also, it helps to boost the overall immune system by strengthening natural defense against pathogen invasion.

    Q: Is this yeast, gluten and dairy free?

    A: Yes, this is a yeast, gluten and dairy free product.

    Q: Does this really work ?

    A: Yes, There is ample scientific research behind the success of this combination. While Vitamin K2-7 promotes bone & heart health, vitamin D3 ensures calcium absorption easy in body. It's a potent Dietary Supplement to improve bone & heart health and support the immune system.

    Q: what is the source of D3 and K2 in this vitamin?

    A: Animal

    Q: I have read that since D3 is oil soluble, it should be taken with oil. Is that true

    A: Oil in the diet is sufficient. Although you can add Ghee to your diet.

    Q: How much Vitamin is in this?

    A: You can see the product Label for the complete composition & ingredients

    Q: I can't take hard pills - what's in the capsule, a powder?

    A: It's a transparent capsule casing which contains powder & is completely safe to cons

    Q: Are these pills plant based or animal source?

    A: Animal source

    Q: Does this vitamin help for glowing skin?

    A: No research

    Q: How do these work for your immune system?

    A: Vitamin D3 helps replenish the stored vitamin D in the body & also ensures calcium absorption and helps maintain overall health & wellness

    Q: Can this make bone stronger?

    A: Yes, D3+K2-7 combination makes bone stronger.

    Q: Does this support joint health?

    A: Yes, Vitamin D3 ensures calcium absorption in the body & K2-7 promotes bone & this combination supports joint health.

    Q: Can this help me lose weight?

    A: Yes, a healthy heart & immune system help to lose weight.

    Q: What are the risk of this product?

    A: No Risk, no side effects. It's completely safe to consume

    Q: please tell me how much vitamin k2 in each pill?

    A: Each capsule contains 45 mcg of Vitamin K2-7. Please see Product Label for more details

    Lifetree D3+K2-7 capsules are 100% pure Ayurvedic supplements that help in better calcium absorption and utilization to maintain optimum bone density. These capsules decrease the likelihood of calcification of arteries, thus promoting heart health. These capsules help in better muscle functioning by providing strength to bones and muscles. Daily consumption of Lifetree D3+K2-7 supplements help to stay fresh, happy and energetic.

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