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  • Diabesity Care

    Diabesity Care : Single Medicine that works on (Diabetes & Obesity) both the interrelated disorders

    What is Diabesity ?

    Diabesity is the new epidemic gripping India at very fast pace. It is a lethal combination of Diabetes and Obesity. Being Overweight puts at high risk of diabetes and suffering from both together can push you on a high alert zone towards beginning of critical diseases.

    Diabesity is a constellation of signs that includes : 

        * Abdominal obesity

        * Dyslipidemia (low HDL, high LDL and high triglycerides)

        * High blood pressure

        * High blood sugar (fasting above 100 mg/dl, Hb1Ac above 5.5)

        * Systemic inflammation

        * Increase formation of blood clots

    Dual Care for Diabetes and Obesity

    ´╗┐Lifetree Diabesity Care Contains Vegan Capsules that helps in regulating blood glucose level in your body and sensitizes the body against rising blood glucose levels. Lifetree Diabesity Care improves metabolism and helps the body to maintain appropriate weight. Lifetree Diabesity Care Combo also contains a Vijaysar tumbler, water is soaked in tumbler glass for 6-8 hrs. and capsules should be taken by patients with water in tumbler. The watery fluid mixture of vijaysar helps in improving the insulin and pro-insulin levels and is used in diabetes to decrease the glucose level.


    LIFETREE Diabesity Care capsules is formulated using 13 herbs that act synergistically to help manage diabetes and also to reduce weight.


    These natural extracts are fiber-rich herbs that confers a plethora of health benefits including relieving constipation and healing liver disorders. KARELA, JAMUN & NEEM HELP MANAGE EXCESS SUGAR: A Unique Combination for diabetes which will help in controlling excess sugar in the body.

    Quality our Priority

    High quality: We ensure our item goes through severe quality measures and it is made under GMP guidelines.

    A pack for 45 days

    For best Results, Take Capsules with water kept in tumbler.

    Usage :

    Take 1 Capsules twice a day before meals or as suggested by the professional.

    Tumbler Use:

    1. Wash the tumbler thoroughly.(do not use any kind of detergents. Simply wash in running tap water).
    2. Pour drinking water (Approx.80-100 ml) in Vijaysar Herbal Wooden Tumbler at night. After 8-10 hours the water will turn brown in color. Consume Capsule with this colored water 30 minutes before breakfast. Once again pour drinking water in vijaysar tumbler and consume capsule with it 30 minutes before dinner.
    3. Repeat the use of Vijaysar Herbal Wooden Tumbler continuously for 30 days and when the color of water stops changing, scratch the inside of the glass carefully without hurting yourself and use again for 7-15 days.
    4. Use Vijaysar Herbal Wooden Tumbler maximum for 45 days. Use a New Tumbler after every 45 days.

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