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  • Lifetree Gut Relax Capsule Supplement Super Colon Cleanser Ayurvedic Medicine 60 Veg Capsules

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    Twice a day or as suggested by doctor

    • One capsule twice a day or as suggested by doctor
    • In a glass of lukewarm water
    • 30 minutes after breakfast and lunch

    Store it Right

    Store it in a dark and dry place, away from sunlight

    Maintains bowel health

    Lifetree Gut Relax capsules help to reduce the risk of haemorrhoids and small pouches in colon. Reports suggest that it also reduces the risk of colorectal cancer by helping in maintaining regular and healthy bowel movement.

    Promotes healthy digestion

    Lifetree Gut Relax helps in digestion by speeding up metabolism and keeping the bowel movement regular. An active metabolism also means no unwanted extra weight. 

    Avoids gastrointestinal disease, bloating and stomach cramps

    Lifetree Gut Relax supplement gives an impression of being lighter, cleaner and detoxified without any unpleasant side effects. It aids in proper absorption of vitamins and nutrients and reduces the risk of abdominal cramps and gas.

    Effective and fast relief from constipation

    Lifetree Gut Relax facilitates digestion, boosts up metabolism and gives fast and long-lasting relief from acidity, constipation and irritable bowel movements.

    Q: When do u take?

    A: Take 2 capsules regularly: 1 each after breakfast & dinner with lukewarm water or milk

    Q: How do you know when leaky gut is being repaired or has been repaired??

    A: A Healthy Gut is a key to fitness. When your body feels - less lethargy, enhanced energy, better digestion, faster metabolism and no constipation & bloating, then your gut is healthy.

    Q: How many servings does this bottle contain?

    A: This bottle contains 60 Veg capsules & the serving size is one capsule twice daily after a meal.

    Q: Is it vegan?

    A: Yes, These Capsules are Vegan & completely safe to consume

    Q: Do you have to keep taking this over your life time?

    A: No, you don't

    Q: What issues of the gut does this correct or help?

    A: This helps in constipation relief. Basically, it's a Herbal formulation & through gentle laxative action, it supports colon cleansing & Gut detoxification that deliver numerous benefits, like: reduced lethargy, enhanced energy, better digestion, faster metabolism, less bloating, healthy weight loss & healthier looking skin.

    Q: Can it initially make you gain weight?

    A: No. It detoxes your gut & a healthy gut supports healthy weight loss.

    Q: Does this product affect fertility?

    A: No, this product doesn't affect fertility.

    Q: Does this contain any Magnesium?

    A: No

    Q: How quickly should you expect to see results after starting to take gut capsule?

    A: You can start noticing results within 3-4 days

    Q: Does it come with a guarantee?

    A: No, results for each individual may vary depending on certain factors such as the person’s age, eating habits, lifestyle etc

    Q: Is this good for after gallbladder removal?

    A: Yes, no side effects seen

    Q: Can the serving be mixed with water or Milk?

    A: Yes. It's in capsule form & you can take it with water or milk, as you wish.

    Q: Does this product contain calcium?

    A: No

    Q: is this plastic veggie cap or solid capsule?

    A: It's a transparent cellulose vegetarian capsule which is completely safe to consume.

      Lifetree Gut Relax are best Ayurvedic capsules that are rich in antioxidants and are loaded with natural ingredients. Gut relax Ayurvedic supplements help to remove toxins and debris from the intestines, keeping the colon clean. A healthy gut keeps stomach happy and flushes out toxins from body that aids in better absorption of vitamins and nutrients. Lifetree Gut Relax capsules are best Ayurvedic supplements that have zero side effects and help to cleanse stomach properly. It is a non-habit-forming supplement.

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