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  • Lifetree Keto Advanced Ayurvedic Weight Loss Medicine Supplement For Women & Men - 60 Veg Capsules

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    Twice every day or as directed by your doctor
    • Take one capsule With a glass of lukewarm water
    • 30 minutes after your meals

    Store it Right

    Store it in a dry place, away from sunlight.

    Helps in Weight loss

    Lifetree KETO helps you to boost your metabolism to burn your calories and act as a fat burner to quickly reduce your weight.

    Boost your energy levels.

    Liftetree KETO helps you to increase your energy levels. You may feel tired due to excess weight. Once you consume KETO, it helps you to increase your metabolism and your energy levels. 

    It helps you to keep control

    Lifetree KETO helps you to control your cravings. Your hunger and appetite are in control, and it also helps you to concentrate.

    Promotes overall health

    Lifetree KETO is an all-in-one capsule that helps you to control your weight, increases your energy levels, keeps you happy, and improves your overall quality of life.

    Q: what to eat when taking this product

    A: It's not necessary to follow a proper diet chart, but it's better to Restrict Salt and Sugar in your diet & increase water intake.

    Q: Can I take this capsule without a Keto diet?

    A: Yes, You can take this capsule without a Keto diet. It's better to follow a low calories & low fat diet for quick results.

    Q: Does this product contain caffeine?

    A: No Caffeine in this product

    Q: Do you have to exercise for results?

    A: Lifetree Keto Capsules Ingredients like: Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee, Green Tea etc are well known to support healthy weight loss itself. It is best to do light exercise for better & fast results with consumption of these capsules

    Q: Does it have energy boosting benefits?

    A: Yes, it have energy boosting benefits

    Q: Do we just follow a relatively normal diet?

    A: Yes, you can take this with a normal diet

    Q: Do the Keto pills work right away or do you have to wait a few days for it to kick i

    A: You can notice results in 20-30 days. The results for each individual may vary depending on certain factors such as the person’s health, body mass index, lifestyle etc.The recommended duration is 3-6 months for better results.

    Q: What’s the best time to take?

    A: Take one Keto Capsule 30 minutes Before Meals twice daily with a glass of lukewarm water

    Q: Is it gluten free?

    A: Yes, it's gluten free.

    Q: Is this sleeping pills

    A: No, it's not a sleeping pill.

    Q: How much long duration can I take this ?

    A: The recommended duration is 6 months. But it can be extended until complete satisfaction.

    Q: What is the complete list of ingredients in the capsule?

    A: You can see the complete list of ingredients on the Product Label

    Q: What are the side effects?

    A: No side effects seen

    Q: Is this allergen and GMO free?

    A: Yes, this product is allergen and GMO free.

    Q: How many mg per capsule, and how many capsules

    A: 600 mg per capsule and 60 Veg Capsules per container

    Lifetree Keto Advanced Weight loss capsules are Ayurvedic supplements for both, men and women. These are the best choice to reduce the excess weight gained from a sedentary lifestyle and eating unhealthy food. These act as a fat burner, help to control cravings and increase energy levels. The Keto Advanced Weight loss capsules from Lifetree help to improve overall well-being and quality of life. Keto Advanced Weight supplements available online are backed by R&D insights.

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