Environmental Policy

LIFETREE has put its best foot forward in the growth of humanity from every field, following in the footsteps of its forebears. It is still following through on its promise to the community. Life Tree aims to retain its social, cultural, and environmental commitment by establishing a platform for complete rejuvenation, relaxation, and training, among other things.

The Lifetree uses a vermiculture technique to recycle all organic waste into compost, which is then utilized as manure to nourish the soil on the organic farm.

Waste food that isn't suited for vermiculture is supplied to pig farms as feed instead of being thrown away.

To recycle and treat waste materials, a waste treatment plant is being built. It's a three-tiered structure that guarantees maximum productivity and long-term viability.

Only CFL lights are utilized, which help to reduce carbon emissions and cut electricity use by 40%. To save electricity, strict policies are implemented.

A cutting-edge generator is being deployed at Lifetree locations to reduce carbon emissions.

We educate people in and around the resort to reduce the use of polythene and to develop awareness and knowledge among staff, associates, and customers, taking a step closer to protecting our environment. A 1.25 MW windmill is being planned as an alternative source of energy for the community.