Lifetree- the trusted brand was born with a thought that Trees give us LIFE. They are the essence of our very
existence. With Lifetree, we wish to exude our gratitude towards nature for
supporting life on earth.


At Lifetree, we believe we are
diabetes warriors standing with you in the war against Diabetes.

To diffuse the ticking diabetes
bomb, we are trumpeting war against it with our tips, awareness campaigns and
dietary supplements that had been curated from trusted herbs over centuries by
our ancestors.

All these herbs are strongly
recommended to be included in diet by different ayurvedic practitioners as they
enhance metabolism, treat blood glucose levels without side effects of conventional treatment promoting better quality of life for diabetics.


Our Vision is Simple and Clear - A diabetes free world. We wish to improve the quality of life for Diabetics as they face a lot of micro and macro complications as a result of diabetes. Culture of Care – Lifetree has more to itself than only supplements. It’s about helping you embrace wellness and positivity from inside through awareness, resources and guidance. Trusted Leader in Quality - In our constant pursuit of excellence, we like to raise the quality bar not just for our selves but for the entire supplement industry through continuous ground-breaking research and customer-oriented outlook. Made for Every Journey – Through our trusted and tested products, we want to enhance and empower you on your unique path to wellness.

We are concerned about the epidemical rise of Diabetes and its consequences. Diabetes has been referred to as a global category ‘5 hurricane’ which means it has the ability to engulf the entire world in sickness and disability. We need to understand the urgency of controlling this menace. Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder and can be reversed. But there is one truth about diabetes that has been over looked for years – “You can’t use drugs to cure a dietary disease”

How to treat Diabetes?

Until now, the treatment of diabetes
is focused on lowering the blood glucose levels. However, we need to ask ourselves, “Are we dealing with diabetes in the right manner? Does having
only increased blood glucose levels called Diabetes? Does only reducing it suffices as a treatment?”

Sadly, the answer is NO. We need to understand that the conventional treatment of diabetes follows a flawed logic of hiding the glucose instead of eliminating it. With certain medications, blood glucose levels do get better but diabetes gets worse. No amount of medication prevents heart attacks, CHF, strokes, kidney failure, amputations and blindness that could be a result of dealing with diabetes.

Lifetree provides a 360-degree fight against diabetes. Its products have brought some life-changing, positive and lasting impact on the lives of hundreds of its consumers.