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  • Quality Assurance

    Quality control is an important part of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Methods for reaching this goal are provided in the old Ayurvedic scriptures. Modern science's principles and tools are now being usefully utilized for this aim. The medications produced at the three Factories of Life Tree are subjected to stringent quality inspections at the Quality Assurance Department and the QA Department Cell, with all medicines meeting in-house requirements. The Quality Assurance Department is a contemporary laboratory with state-of-the-art facilities and scientific expertise for using scientific testing procedures. The QC Cell is made up of doctors who examine the classic organoleptic qualities. The Quality Assurance Department is able to examine both raw materials and completed goods for quality. The quality standard parameters and analytical methodologies defined by the Bureau of Indian Standards and the Government of India's Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia are accepted for this purpose. This activity benefits from the expertise available at the Centre for Medicinal Plants Research and the Herb Garden. Raw materials are received and used for drug production after they arrive and are approved. Items that fail the test are discarded.

    The standard parameters and analytical processes defined in the Government of India's Pharmacopoeial Standards for Ayurvedic Formulations are used in the case of finished products. Each batch of medicine has a quality certificate from the QA Department that is part of the Batch Manufacturing Record. This technique is part of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that are followed in the manufacturing facilities.

    The QC Cell's experienced physicians determine the organoleptic qualities of the finished items. As a result, the quality of Life Tree's medications is ensured by a comprehensive strategy that incorporates both traditional and modern procedures.