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  • Lifetree Testosterone Booster Capsule For Gain Mass , Weight Muscle | Daily Muscle Building Weight Supplement For Men & Women

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    One testosterone capsule twice a day
    • One capsule of Lifetree Testosterone booster
    • With a glass of lukewarm water
    • 30 minutes after lunch or dinner
    • Drink plenty of water for better results 

    Store it Right 
    Store it in a dark and dry place away from sunlight 

    Improves mood and reduces anxiety 

    To gain muscle strength and stay focused, one must reduce anxiety, stress and fatigue from daily life. Lifetree testosterone capsules provide the right amount of energy booster and allow you to feel energized throughout the day. 

    Reduces body fat 

    Along with a healthy diet and exercise, Lifetree’s  testosterone booster capsule aids to reduce body fat and improves body composition. 

    Improves sexual performance 

    Lifetree testosterone booster capsule nourishes with pure natural and chemical-free ingredients, thus helping to increase your stamina and energy that aids you to achieve new heights of sexual performance.

    Aids you to build strong muscles 

    The natural ingredients like Tribulus Terrestris Extract, Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Javitri, Kaunch Beej, and other boosters are known to promote muscle protein synthesis. In addition to boosting testosterone levels in the body, Lifetree testosterone booster capsules also increase overall muscle strength that makes it a perfect companion for all gym goers. 

    Maximized mental function  

    Testosterone plays a huge role in cognitive performance. As per health studies, increased testosterone results in increased mental functioning like increase in verbal memory, concentration, mathematical reasoning etc. 

    Supports strength and stamina

    One can enjoy the highest level of stamina, strength and vitality with Lifetree Testosterone booster capsules for men. Testosterone hormone boosts libido and bumps up energy.

    Q: When is the best time to take this. Morning? Or right before your workout?

    A: Best time to take these capsules are in night after meal (Dinner)

    Q: Is there caffeine in this product?

    A: No Caffeine

    Q: Will this effect my natural test build up if I stop using ?

    A: No, It's not

    Q: Are these capsules or liquid gels?

    A: It's a transparent cellulose vegetarian capsule which is completely safe to consume.

    Q: Is this tasteless?

    A: Yes. It is in capsule form & have no taste & bad smell

    Q: Will this also help lose weight?

    A: No, It's not help in loosing weight

    Q: Can I take this with a fat burner?

    A: Yes, you can take this with fat burner

    Q: I’m 15 but have a bad diet and need help gaining muscle should I take this or what do gest?

    A: No, the age limit for taking this supplement is above 18 years.

    Q: how long does it take to notice results?

    A: You can notice results in 15-20 days. The recommended duration is 3-6 months. But it can be extended until complete resolution & satisfaction.

    Q: Is this something i should take consistent or can i do it on my workout days only?<

    A: You should take it with consistency.

    Q: It's hard for me as a 25 year old male to grow facial hair... will this help?

    A: This supplement gives stamina, strength, energy and helps with muscular build up. But there is no such proof as growing facial hair.

    Q: Is there any medical evidence that this increases testosterone?

    A: Yes

    Q: is the capsule vegan?

    A: Yes, These Capsules are Vegan

    Q: Is there any long term effect or short terms that we need to know?

    A: No, This supplement is made with pure Ayurvedic herbs & doesn't have any side effects.

    Lifetree Testosterone booster capsule is naturally formulated from 8 Ayurvedic herbs that help men get their confidence and vitality back. Lifetree Testosterone booster also helps you build strong and lean muscles.

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