Gita- Guidance For Diabetics

Gita- Guidance For Diabetics

Gita- a much revered holy hindu text, also known Bhagwad Gita. A goldmine for spiritual and Philosophical learning.

As an understanding, Lord Krishna handed out the rule book for how a civilization or a civilized person should live, behave or work to maintain the harmony with nature, surroundings and others to have a smooth functioning for long life. In whole, The holy Gita offers guidance on leading a balanced and disciplined life.

So, what the holy Gita has in store for Diabetics ?

Diabetes is a lifestyle / diet related disorder which can be corrected/ reversed by Lifestyle changes.

Here, the teachings of the holy Gita to live a balanced and disciplined life can help you a lot to have better control on your blood sugar levels or simply reverse diabetes.

Adhere to the teachings of the holy Gita as they may truly help you transform your physical and mental health.

  1. Self Discipline :

Shloka 6.18 of the holy Gita says: With thorough Discipline, they learn to withdraw the mind from selfish cravings and rivet it on the unsurpassable good of the self.

Here the emphasis is on importance of self discipline and self control. This can be applied to managing diabetes by adhering to healthy diet. Make sure to eat clean ( home cooked/ satvik) food 80% of the times. Don’t give into the cravings of fast food, soft or hard drinks and sugary delights too often. You can also introduce weekly fast to improve self control. Eat clean, exercise regularly for better diabetes control.

  1.   Moderation :

Shloka 6.18 of the holy Gita says: The one, who regulates his food and recreation, is balanced in action, in sleep and in waking, shall dispel all unhappiness.

Here the Holy Gita highlights on the concept of moderation or appropriateness. Appropriateness is neither to have unlimited indulgence nor to have unlimited abstention. Rather it emphasis on creating a balance in your eating habits and your sleep schedule. Which are the ones when collectively accounted for can help your body a lot to find balance of health and better blood glucose control.