Have you Heard this Parody

Have you Heard this Parody

“ Mera pet nikal raha h, aage badh raha h”

Hopefully, you haven’t missed it. It became like an anthem in our country with millions of reels getting viral on Insta. I think we Indians literally celebrated abdominal obesity and made it a normal phenomenon.

Uh-oh, Abdominal Obesity has always been normalized by us Indians as “Khatey- Peetey ghar ka lagta h” – a compliment that anyone would relish as it showed your status or income level above others.

But do you know that abdominal obesity is single most important risk behind diabetes.

The waist circumference, a measure of body fat distribution around the trunk, is a far superior predictor of type 2 diabetes.

Visceral fat accumulates inside and around the intra-abdominal organs such as the liver, kidneys and intestines and can be detected by an increased waist circumference. This pattern of obesity, where most of fat is carried around the abdomen, is also known as central obesity.

Independent of total weight, central obesity is highly correlated to metabolic abnormalities, increased cardiac risk, and progression of type 2 diabetes. The weight to height ratio is a simple measure of central adiposity.

As central obesity increases, risk of metabolic disease skyrockets.

Central Obesity tracks fatty liver very closely.

So, Central Obesity is like a bomb shell which puts you in a dangerous zone where a blast of diabetes, metabolic disorders and CVD can blast at anytime. So, its better We take this as an alarm by our body to get up from slumber and start working towards a healthier lifestyle.