Liver Health

Liver Health

Liver :-  An essential organ for the body. It has multiple life supporting functions like:- 

  1.  Production of bile that helps with digestion
  2. It makes proteins for the body.
  3. Stores iron.
  4. Converts nutrients into energy.
  5. Creates substances that help your blood clot.
  6. It helps you to resist infections by making immune factors favorable and removing bacteria and toxins from your blood.

So when it supports so many important functions in body. Its health should be given a whole lot of importance but mostly liver disorders go unnoticed till they are in very lateral stages. We, Indians don’t give liver health a damn as for us liver disorders are for the alcoholic people and as we are vegetarians and satvik people we don’t even touch alcohol so liver disorder is also a big no for us. Arre hume kaise ho sakta hai hum to daru ko chutte bhi nahin. Secondly its symptoms are not very clear and often misunderstood. It produces symptoms such as loss of appetite, weight loss, tiredness, weakness, nausea, confusion, pain in the area of liver. we often dismiss these symptoms for tiredness  like thak gaye honge, aalsi hai.

These days having fat on liver is like ‘sabko hi hota thoda fat toh’.liver pe you cann’t help. It became a new normal but when ‘pta hi nhi chala’.

NAFLD :- Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is becoming very common in India(there are more than 1cr cases per year) and mind you these are the detected cases and a lot goes undiagnosed or undetected because symptoms are not even considered and secondly ‘hume kaise hoga’ syndrome.

Fatty liver problem is increasing in India because of our changing eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. For the improved liver health follow the tips mentioned below:-

1) Avoid processed/packaged food: - if you cannot completely avoid at least reduced the amount of processed/refined food in your diet. Processed/packaged food contains significant amounts of preservatives and salts and fat those are detrimental to liver health.

2) Drink:- Water is the best drink to have for health. Drink lots of water to maintain health as well as better liver health. Alcohol is detrimental for liver health and is a strict no. Whereas carbonated and sweetened drinks, sodas& colas also have negative effects on liver health so it is best to avoid.

3) Vitamin D deficiency: - Vitamin D is directly associated with severity and incidence of NAFLD . Vitamin d deficiency can have inflammatory effects on liver. So, supplementation of Vitamin D is important for liver health. Sun is the best source of vitamin D. You can also supplement your diet with Lifetree D3+K2 to enhance your vitamin D levels.

4) Exercise regularly: - An overweight or obese person is more prone to developing chronic disease that includes liver-related ailments. Excessive weight puts pressure on the organs and forces them to work harder. Exercising regularly helps you to maintain healthy weight and reduce stress on organs.

5) Lifetree milk thistle + herbs:- Lifetree milk thistle + herbs is a unique combination of milk thistle, turmeric, methi, saunth, yashti and kali mirch. Lifetree milk thistle has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects on liver. It improves digestion & enhances metabolism. It supports liver function & health. It flushes out toxins and restores damage to cells.