Woman – The Multitasker

Woman – The Multitasker

Multitasking isn’t a new term in woman’s dictionary. In the present world, it seems like a natural part of her life. In fact, she is a compulsive multitasker. With ever increasing responsibilities and expectations, it has become increasingly hard for women to go about their daily life without multitasking. She is forever juggling work, family, relationships and everything in between with the finite time and resources she has- yet she manages to do it all with aplomb.

In today’s time, multitasking is not mere physical and mental engagement but also requires complete concentration and focus at the same time. As per Ayurveda, when we multitask, we disrupt Vata, which governs movement and flow. When Vata is out of balance, we feel anxious, scatterbrained, overstimulated and have difficulty sleeping, among other symptoms. Sounds familiar? Aren’t we dealing with these monsters everyday and are still in denial? Well, most of the women would agree to this as we often complain of inflammation, reduced immunity, anxiety, irregular menstrual cycles, and hormonal imbalance.

Isn’t this something that we should address proactively, given our natural inclination towards multitasking? So, how do we combat this situation? Here are a few points that can improve focus and increase mindfulness in everyday life.


In simple words, prioritising means doing ‘first things first’. It could be a life changing strategy that can transform how we go about our daily routine. Planning the day ahead, creating a to-do list, giving each task a deadline and time estimate can help one stay focussed and motivated.

Take Lifetree Ashwagandha supplement

Lifetree Ashwagandha is an ayurvedic wonder that has powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help to combat everyday stress and anxiety. Also, it promotes memory and focus, boosts energy levels, reduces inflammation promoting overall happiness and contentment in life.

Including Lifetree Ashwagandha supplement in your daily diet, one capsule morning and night, after meal can help you experience its transformative effects. It has wonderous effects for women with period problems, PCOS, skin, body weight, sleep issues, and many more issues. Including it in your daily routine ensures better hormonal balance leading to a happy mood through the demanding times.


Meditation is a powerful tool to sharpen mindfulness and polish the skill of living in the moment. It has shown to reduce anxiety, panic attacks and alleviate symptoms of depression. It is known to increase productivity, balance emotions and improve sleep quality in the long run. Meditation is a self-care tool that gives you energy, peace, happiness and relaxation.

Get regular sleep

This cannot be stressed enough. High quality regular sleep is crucial to both physical well-being and cognitive health. Uninterrupted and sound sleep at night improves memory and rejuvenates to tackle tasks mindfully and effectively. Forming and following a daily night routine helps body to recover and lowers the risk of developing auto-immune disorders.