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  • Lifetree Diabesity Care Capsule - Single Formula To Manage Diabetes & Obesity Both | 13 Herbs Supplement With Vijaysar Karela Jamun Neem, Bael And More | Control Blood Sugar, Boost Energy & Metabolism - 60 Veg Capsules

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    Take one capsule twice a day or as suggested by doctor

    • Take one capsule twice a day
    • With water from Vijaysar tumbler (which has been rested in tumbler for 6-8 hrs)
    • 30 minutes after meals
    • Keep yourself hydrated for better results

    Store it Right

    Keep it in a dark and dry place, away from direct sunlight

    Control blood sugar levels

    A unique combination of natural herbs in Lifetree Diabesity Care capsules retard the sugar absorption process and aid to improve blood sugar levels in the body. 

    Effective Anti-diabetic agent

    Lifetree Diabesity Care supplement reduces blood sugar levels by regenerating insulin-producing cells and protecting them. It helps to restore normal insulin levels and reverse beta cell damage.

    Aids to achieve a healthy weight

    Lifetree Diabesity Care capsules help you to eat less and stay satisfied for a long time. It gives a satiated feeling and prevents over-eating and unnecessary cravings. This helps to keep weight under control. 

    Increase energy levels

    Lifetree Diabesity Care supplement alleviates any symptoms of tiredness or fatigue. The Ayurvedic herbs in the capsules help to get rid of anxiety and stress and result in increase in energy levels. 

    Reduces cholesterol levels

    Lifetree Diabesity Care capsules contain 13 natural fibre rich herbs that help to reduce cholesterol levels, inflammation, and blood pressure. 

    Q: What are all the ingredients?

    A: It's a 13 Herbs formulation like: Vijaysar, Karela, Jamun, Neem, Bael, Methi, Gudmar, Saptharanga, Daruharidra, Babool etc. Please see the product label for more details about composition & ingredients

    Q: what is the serving size?

    A: Take one Capsule twice daily.

    Q: How long does it take to work?

    A: You can notice results in 25-30 days. The results for each individual may vary depending on certain factors such as the person’s eating habits, body mass index, lifestyle etc.The recommended duration is 4-6 months for better results.

    Q: Any negative affects on the heart?

    A: No, This supplement is made with pure Ayurvedic herbs & doesn't have any negative effects

    Q: Is this product for type 1 or for type 2 diabetes?

    A: This product is effective in type-1 & type-2, both diabetic conditions.

    Q: Does this help to loss weight?

    A: Yes, It reduces excess fat, promotes digestion & healthy metabolism and all these help to lose weight.

    Q: Is it alcohol free?

    A: Yes, This is alcohol free

    Q: Does this help with sugar and carb cravings?

    A: Yes, this helps with sugar and carb cravings.

    Q: Does this have a taste or strong smell?

    A: No, It is in capsule form & have no taste & strong smell

    Q: How much weight did you lose by taking this?

    A: 2-3 Kgs in a month with proper diet & lifestyle

    Q: Can this interact negatively with meds?

    A: No, This is an Ayurvedic formula & doesn't interact negatively with other medicines

    Q: What are the health benefits?

    A: Lifetree Diabesity Care is a unique synergistic combination of herbs which helps in increasing insulin sensitivity and regulates blood glucose metabolism. It also reduces excess fat and promotes digestion

    Q: is the capsule vegan?

    A: Yes, These Capsules are Vegan & completely safe to consume

    Q: Any gluten or sugar in this product???

    A: No, This is a gluten & sugar-free product

    Q: Does this containe caffeine?

    A: No Caffeine used in this product

    Diabesity is a combination of Diabetes and Obesity. Combination of these two puts one at a higher risk of acquiring critical diseases. To combat this lifestyle disease, Lifetree Diabestiy Care capsules are ayurvedic supplements made of herbal extracts and minerals that help to regulate blood glucose levels in the body and sensitizes the body against increasing blood glucose. These are made up of 13 herbs like neem, jamun, karela etc. that also help to improve metabolism and maintain appropriate weight. Lifetree Diabesity Care comes with a Vijaysar wooden tumbler. The capsule is taken with the water soaked in this tumbler for 6-8 hrs. The soaked water in Vijaysar wooden tumbler aids in improving the pro-insulin and insulin levels in the body.Diabesity Care supplements are the best Ayurvedic medicine.

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